A Milestone Project: Rita’s Italian Ice Debuts in 1st Airport at BWI

In a groundbreaking venture, our construction company had the unique opportunity to create the first-ever Rita’s Italian Ice in an airport setting. Located at BWI Airport, this project was more than a buildout; it was a pioneering step in bringing a beloved brand to a new and bustling environment.

Setting the Stage for a New Flavor

The space designated for Rita’s was previously occupied by another ice cream establishment, now closed down. This provided us with a blank canvas to bring the vibrant and refreshing personality of Rita’s Italian Ice to life.

The Transformation Journey

Our journey began with a total overhaul of the existing space. Our aim was to not only meet the functional needs of an airport retail outlet but also to infuse it with the unique charm of Rita’s brand.

Cool Interiors: Walk-In Box and More

A key feature of this buildout was the installation of a walk-in box, essential for storing the wide variety of Rita’s famous Italian ice flavors. This feature was crucial in ensuring product quality and freshness, an absolute must for any food and beverage outlet.

A Visual Feast: Painting and Wallpapering

The aesthetics of the space were given special attention. Extensive painting and wallpapering were undertaken to capture the essence of Rita’s brand. The use of white and red colors not only matched Rita’s branding but also created a vibrant and inviting atmosphere for customers.

Elegant and Functional: Corian Countertops

Functionality blended with style was a theme throughout this project. We installed Corian countertops, a durable and elegant faux marble material, across the store. These surfaces were not only visually appealing but also highly practical for the busy day-to-day operations of the store.

Adding Space and Utility

New walls were added to create essential storage and office spaces, maximizing the area’s utility. This expansion was thoughtfully designed to ensure efficient use of space while maintaining an open, customer-friendly layout.

Reinventing Storage: Rebuilt Cabinets

Storage solutions were a key focus, leading us to rebuild the cabinets. This reinvention was not just about creating more space but also about integrating these storage units seamlessly into the overall design of the store.

Powering Up: New Wiring for the Front Counter

The front counter, a focal point for customer interactions, received a complete wiring overhaul. This upgrade was essential for accommodating modern payment systems and ensuring smooth and efficient service.

Conclusion: A Refreshing Addition to BWI

The completion of the Rita’s Italian Ice buildout at BWI Airport marked a significant achievement for our company. It showcased our ability to transform a space entirely and tailor it to embody the spirit of a well-loved brand. Today, this Rita’s outlet stands as a testament to innovative design, functionality, and the joy of a refreshing Italian ice on a busy travel day.

This project at BWI Airport not only added a refreshing new option for travelers but also reinforced our expertise in creating bespoke retail spaces. It’s a shining example of our commitment to bringing brands to life through thoughtful and creative construction solutions.

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