The Beginning: A Unique Kiosk Build

Our construction venture with Sock It To Ya began with an exciting project – the creation of their first-ever kiosk. This undertaking at BWI airport was not just a construction task but a chance to set a benchmark in kiosk design.

Crafting the Perfect Kiosk

The kiosk build involved a complete reconstruction, transforming a simple space into a vibrant showcase for an array of socks. We installed sleek glass panels, which not only added a modern touch but also allowed customers to view the products from all angles. Shelving and brackets were strategically placed to maximize display space and ensure easy access for customers.

The Evolution: From Kiosk to Storefront

Buoyed by the success of the kiosk, Sock It To Ya decided to expand their presence at BWI with a full storefront – their second project with us. This move from a kiosk to a storefront was a significant step in their brand’s growth.

Adapting to Change: The Storefront Build

The process of creating the storefront was unique, largely due to the need for the store to relocate to accommodate new bathroom renovations at the airport. This shift presented us with the opportunity to re-imagine and redefine the retail space.

Setting the Scene: Panel Installation and Expansion Joints

We installed new panels for merchandise hanging, a crucial aspect for a retail store that prioritizes product visibility and accessibility. The incorporation of expansion joint cuts was also a key part of this build, ensuring structural integrity and accommodating natural movements within the building.

A Fresh Palette: Painting and Aesthetic Overhaul

The transformation involved a complete aesthetic overhaul. The walls were painted a bold red, resonating with the dynamic and lively spirit of the Sock It To Ya brand. This color choice was a significant shift from the previous tenant, a massage parlor, and helped in redefining the space.

Organized and Efficient: Storage Reorganization

A crucial aspect of this project was reorganizing the storage space. The aim was to create an area that was not only efficient for the staff but also seamlessly integrated into the overall design of the store.

Conclusion: A Footprint of Success

The completion of both the kiosk and the storefront for Sock It To Ya at BWI airport stands as a testament to our versatility and creativity in retail space construction. These projects not only enhanced the brand’s visibility but also provided a stylish and functional space for showcasing their unique products.

These projects with Sock It To Ya at BWI airport highlight our ability to adapt and innovate in retail construction, whether it’s a compact kiosk or a full-scale storefront. Each space we create is a step towards redefining the shopping experience, one sock at a time.

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