Revamping for the Future – A 2019 Project

In 2019, our construction business embarked on an ambitious journey: the complete renovation of the Sunglass Hut located at BWI Airport. This project wasn’t just a simple facelift; it was a comprehensive overhaul required by the airport authorities, marking a significant milestone in our journey of transforming spaces.

The Ten-Year Necessity

Every ten years, BWI mandates a full renovation for its retail spaces to maintain a fresh and modern look. This policy ensures that the airport stays up-to-date with the latest design trends and offers an inviting atmosphere for travelers. Our task was to breathe new life into the Sunglass Hut, making it not only more aesthetically pleasing but also more functional.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Our approach was thorough and holistic. The first step was to set up barricades, signaling the start of an exciting transformation. We then completely removed the old store interior. This wasn’t just a superficial change; we stripped everything back to the core.

A Fresh Electrical Perspective

Electrical work is the heart of any modern retail space, and this project was no exception. Our team installed a completely new electrical system, ensuring that the new Sunglass Hut would not only meet current standards but be prepared for future technological advancements.

Bringing the Unit Together

The renovation wasn’t just about individual elements; it was about creating a cohesive unit. Every aspect of the store, from the display areas to the storage spaces, was redesigned and rebuilt. This holistic approach ensured a seamless customer experience.

Floor and Plumbing Overhaul

We didn’t stop at the visible areas. The flooring was entirely redone, providing a solid and attractive foundation for the new store. Additionally, the plumbing system received a full upgrade, a crucial aspect often overlooked in retail spaces but essential for operational efficiency.

Climate Control with a New HVAC System

Comfort is key in any retail environment. Our installation of a brand-new HVAC system guaranteed that customers would shop in a comfortable and inviting climate, regardless of the weather outside.

The Final Reveal: A Brand-New Store

After weeks of hard work and meticulous planning, the barricades came down to reveal a completely transformed Sunglass Hut. The store was not just refurbished but reborn, with every element from the lighting to the layout designed to create an optimal shopping experience.

Conclusion: A Landmark Project

This renovation project at BWI Airport was more than just a construction job; it was a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in retail space transformation. The new Sunglass Hut stands as a symbol of modern design and functionality, ready to welcome travelers for years to come.

This transformative renovation not only revitalized the Sunglass Hut but also reinforced our reputation as a leader in comprehensive construction solutions. It’s a vivid example of how we can take any space and turn it into something extraordinary.

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